The Pintus Group LLC



This is to certify That the Board of Directors of The Pintus Group LLC, I, Stephen Hill The President of The Pintus Group LLC, with business address at 9750 Peace Way 1021 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89147, (hereafter "Company" ) attended a Board of Directors meeting and Regularly Which was duly called, noticed and held on 07August 2016, at the Company's above-referenced address there was present a quorum thereof. Mr. Curio Pintus was serving as President and CEO Mr. Stephen Hill V. President Treasurer Manager of the Meeting and Mr. Sherry Hill as Secretary, and the Following resolutions were unanimously Adopted:

RESOLVED That Ms. Helen Sui Kan Chow, Director of The Pintus Group, with passport number: 540381602 issued in USA, on the date of January 20 2016, and expiring on January 19 2026, Shall be and hereby is appointed and fully authorized to act as the representative of the Company to execute All necessary documents on Behalf of the Company in connection with the purchase and / or sale of Bank Instruments, financial transactions in general for and in the best interest of the Company.

FURTHER RESOLVED That Ms. Helen Sui Kan Chow, as the Director of the Company, is hereby authorized and directed to certify That the foregoing resolutions and the provisions thereof are in conformity with the charter, bylaws and articles of incorporation of the Company, and That the foregoing resolution and the authority Thereby conveyed Shall remain in full force and effect until the September purposes forth herein are accomplished.

It is certified Further That the foregoing resolutions have Never Been modified or Amended and are now in full force and effect and That the above named Ms. Helen Sui Kan Chow, Director Has Been Elected and duly appointed to hold office, is presently holding office, and is empowered to act for and on Behalf of the Company, and That this fax or photocopy of the BOARD RESOLUTION Shall be of equal value to the original and Shall be accepted as such by everyone, for all purposes, everywhere.

Dr. Curio Pintus, CEO is only finalizing Authority in all the business without his Approval, Acceptance  NO deal can be closed successfully.

You may be given instructions time to time to follow-up  with clients.

You don’t have to ask for any fees from client. You will be paid from TPG’s side. We don’t allow & accept any UPFRONT payment from client or We don’t pay any UPFRONT payment of any kind under any title.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, upon the motion duly made, seconded and unanimously Carried, the Meeting was Adjourned.

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the term of the grant of authority hereunder shall remain in force until revoked by further action of the Member/Shareholders and Board of Manager/Directors herein.

Signed and executed on the 07 August 2016 by:

The Chairman of the Meeting: Mr. Dr. Curio Pintus – V. President treasurer Stephen Hill