The Pintus Group LLC

List of Services



The Pintus Group LLC is a full service private financial Group and Merchant Bank.

We are a Specialist of Funds, Loans and Bank Guarantees. We work in Partnerships with large Investment Banks, Governments, Central Banks and we are a direct Provider of Bank Financial Instruments.


The Pintus Group LLC can provide the following services:

•             World-Wide Hotel, Resort, Casino, Commercial Malls, Buildings, Refineries, other Projects and Executive Financing Programs

•              Project Funding Worldwide

•              Lending Trust

•              Joint Venture to Finance Projects

•              Joint Venture Trust

•              Energy Fund

•              Equity Capital Fund

•              Institutional Fund

•              Nationwide Commercial Funding

•              Venture Capital for Companies that need funds urgently

•              Funding against collateral instrument and Government Guarantee

•              Asset Trading - Trade Finance

•              Credit Engagement-Asset Engagement-Collateral

•              Micro Credit

•              Major Investment Trading Programs in PPP-HYIP

•             Placement in PPP of Cash Funds, MTNs, BGs, Bank Drafts, SBLCs, Listed Securities, SKRs

•             Transfer/Download of Funds Server to Server, DTC, Grey Screen, Web Link, EBICS, Bluescreen, Target

•              Transfer/Triangular Funds transfer via Swift/MT103 and Euroclear

•              Currency exchange Bank to Bank EUR/USD

•              Monetization of BGs/MTNs/Bonds/Bank Drafts

•              Sells MTNs/BGs/SBLCs

•              Placement of Heritage Funds in PPP

•             Placement of Gold and Silver Bullion in PPP as long as the Client has a SKR issued by a major European/US financial institution;

•              Major Investment Download of funds from DTC, for Government funding