The Pintus Group LLC

Unique Corporate Funcions

Over the years, the Group's Executives and Senior Staff have established numerous relations, nationally and internationally, providing Clients with a high-value extensive network for corporate finance and projects, mergers or acquisitions, or the sale or acquisition of any assets, which, when professionally managed, can prove key to improving a company's success and to meeting their corporate and stockholders’ objectives.

Personalized consultancy services

The Pintus Group LLC offers a unique combination of partnership-level Client focus, and sophisticated financial advice, under personal and constant senior oversight.

Strong executive experience

With its Management Team with over 150 years’ combined experience as both direct lenders and investment bankers, The Pintus Group LLC is expert in structuring transactions to meet each Client’s financing strategic needs, to ensure long-term value improvement and resolve the multitude of problems that can arise during any transaction.


Extensive network of relations

The Pintus Group LLC operates with a wide network dealing in equity capital, venture capital, leveraged acquisitions and commercial lenders to support equity acquisitions, borrowing requirements and separate financing assignments for corporate and venture capital growth.


Excellent market intelligence

The Pintus Group LLC is extensively involved on a daily basis with a wide range of lenders and capital market investors at every level of capital structure. Its frequent communications have given the Group an in-depth understanding of key issues, making any future transaction attractive to financial decision-makers. Such comprehensive market knowledge enables the Group to conduct an accurate valuation of any deal and structure it accordingly, based on "real-time" market feedback.


Expert in inter-credit matters

Many of the Group’s commitments require the simultaneous closure of multiple financing levels or additional loans that must be combined with existing senior or mezzanine structures. The Group understands, structures and successfully negotiates any issues that may arise between creditors to close transactions efficiently and in the best interests of the clients.


Strong closing track record

As a result of its close working relations with Clients, and its in-depth understanding of key issues on the capital markets and the importance of each individual assignment it undertakes, The Pintus Group LLC has achieved an impressive record of closing transactions.


Focus on long-term relations

The Group structures its commitments by taking into account a Client’s long-term strategic needs and not simply addressing a single transaction. As a result, The Pintus Group LLC has been retained to monitor and follow-up the commitments of many of its Clients.