The Pintus Group LLC

Fairness Opinions

In recent years, the Group’s Executives and Senior Staff have built up a high reputation in the financial and legal community for issuing in-depth and impartial fairness opinions.

In view of the recent regulations and heightening concerns about potential conflicts of interest between a company and its shareholders, a fairness opinion helps to mitigate possible risks and the associated disputes. A fairness opinion by a qualified and independent financial advisor like The Pintus Group LLC is one of the most effective risk management tools available to ensure that a robust corporate judgment has been made in different types of company transactions. The Group provides fairness opinions and analyses to Boards, and independent Board and Shareholder Committees. Additionally, the Group provides objective advice on the valuation of assets and securities related to transactions involving mergers, acquisitions, leveraged restructurings, private transactions and other marketed securities.

In preparing a fairness opinion or evaluation, the Group’s professional Team adopts various methodologies, which may include the following:

[1]Discounted cash flow analyses

[2]Company comparative analyses

[3]Comparable transaction analyses

[4]Contribution analysis

[5]Analysis of the premiums paid

[6]Analysis of accumulated assets

[7]Global Financial Review


These financial analyses are intended to determine whether the financial consideration paid or received is financially fair.

The impartial objective evidence provided in a fairness opinion is often needed in a number of situations, including mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, borrowing and privatisations. The Pintus Group’s Professionals are well qualified to establish the value of private companies, handle business in the interest of limited partnerships, intellectual property and other intangible assets and corporate securities with marketability problems. In general, whenever the value of a company or business interest is in question, our valuation expertise can be helpful. The Group’s Team has extensive experience with cases where the value of a company or business interests are a cause of concern. Widely classified valuations can be provided in the following situations:

[1]Sales or acquisitions

[2]Internal asset transfers or splits


[4]Studies of royalty rates

[5]ESOP planning and implementation

Strategic partnerships and alliances

Wherever appropriate, the Group also works with its Clients to lead other types of individuals and businesses, whether under contract or in a joint venture, to forge strategic relations when a synergistic relationship may be viable. Under certain circumstances, the Group can also become the Client’s strategic Partner thanks to its global marketing contacts.