The Pintus Group LLC

Assestment, Negotiation and Closing

The Pintus Group works closely with its clients in assessing and comparing the financing proposals, negotiating terms with selected sources and closing the funding:

  1. Obtain proposals (letter of intent / term sheet).
  2. Assess and evaluate the proposals.
  3. Negotiate with a short-list and proposal refinements.
  4. Final selection of financing source.
  5. Assist during the source’s due diligence process.
  6. Assist in the negotiation of the final terms and covenants.
  7. Assist in closing of the funding.

As companies grow and evolve, they will likely have increasing needs for addressing capital structure, financing arrangements, management infrastructure and top issues. Often, existing management has not dealt with these kinds of issues, and, more importantly, it does not have the time or resources to address them.

The Firm’s experienced staff is adept at independently reviewing and evaluating a company's situation in order to identify alternative approaches for management to be considered in the context of the company’s corporate and financing goals.