The Pintus Group LLC

Valuation, negotiation and closing

As an independent party, The Pintus Group LLC provides a comprehensive valuation of the Client’s situation, a needs analysis and a strategy and financing plan:

[1] Analysis of capital structure alternatives

[2] Analysis of the Client’s borrowing capacity

[3] A financing strategy and plan

Preparation and marketing

The Group works with Clients to identify appropriate sources of finance and to submit lending requirements to finance sources in the most appropriate and professional way. In addition to providing direct financing to the Clients, under certain circumstances, the financing requirement may require external participation. The Group has access to a vast range of financing sources of which it keeps a proprietary database, and its professional Staff guides the Client throughout the whole process. The services include, inter alia:

[1]Creating a professional information protocol and business plan focussing on the specific needs that need to be addressed by potential financing

[2]Identifying potential sources of finance

[3]Exchanging information with potential sources

[4]Requesting letters of intent / term sheets


Valuation, negotiation and closing

The Pintus Group LLC works closely with its Clients in evaluating and comparing funding proposals, negotiating terms with selected sources, and closing the loan agreement:

[1]Acquiring proposals (letters of intent/cards)

[2]Evaluating proposals

[3]Negotiating with a shortlist and completing the proposal

[4]Final selection of the financing source

[5]Providing assistance during the due diligence process

[6]Assisting in negotiating final terms and alliances

[7]Being present at the closure of the loan

As companies grow and evolve, they are likely to have increasing financial needs to be able to address the capital structure, the financing agreements, the management infrastructure and operational issues. The existing Management has often never dealt with these kinds of problems and, above all, it may lack the time or resources to address them.

The Group’s experienced Staff are skilled in independently reviewing and assessing a company's situation in order to identify alternative approaches that the Management must consider in the pursuit of the company's business and financial objectives.