The Pintus Group LLC

Unique Firm Capabilities

Customized Client Advice‚Ä®

The Pintus Group offers its clients a unique combination of “partner level” “hands-on” account attention and sophisticated financial advice under personal and senior supervision.

Strong Executive Experience

With senior management personnel offering more than 150 years of combined experience as both a direct lenders and investment bankers, The Pintus Group is structuring transactions to meet an individual client’s financing needs and strategic requirements, to enable the enhancement of long term value and other multitude of issues that arise during any transactional situation.

Broad Network of Relationships

The Pintus Group maintains a broad network of relationships with equity capital, venture capital, leveraged buyout and commercial lending institutions to participatory acquisitions, financing requirements and separate corporate and venture-growth finance assignments.

Strong Market Intelligence

The Pintus Group has extensive daily involvement with a wide array of capital markets lenders and investors at all levels of the capital structure. This communication has given the Firm an in-depth understanding of the key issues, which make a prospective transaction attractive to financial decision makers. The market intelligence allows the Firm to precisely evaluate a transaction and structure it accordingly, based on “real-time” market feedback.


Many of the Firm’s engagements require multiple layers of financing to be closed simultaneously or are add-on financings that must be combined with senior or more facilities already in place. The Firm understands, structures, and successfully negotiates inter-creditor issues to expedite and close transactions efficiently and in interest of its clients.

Strong Closing Track-Record

As a result of its close client working relationships, and an in-depth understanding of key capital markets issues, and the importance of any individual as undertaken by the firm, The Pintus Group has achieved an impressive transaction closing record.

Long-Term Relationship Focus

The Firm looks to structure its engagements with a client’s long term strategic needs in mind, and not merely to address a single transaction. As a result, The Pintus Group has been retained for follow on engagements by many of its clients.