The Pintus Group LLC

Our Business

The Group undertakes every kind of financial transaction, such as capital-raising operations through direct investments in public and private companies and providing these companies with strategic services on a joint-venture basis. This enables the Clients to implement their own pre-planned growth strategies and provides them with lateral financial support, either by a direct injection of additional capital or by arranging credit lines, subject to the Client’s ability to repay the debt.

The Group also provides material assistance to its Clients with sufficient liquidity who are looking to invest or trade in physical commodities or participate in acquisitions and sales managed by bank instruments. For high net worth Clients, mutual funds and other entities wishing to fund humanitarian projects around the world, the Group can provide access to particular international programs to purchase/sell financial instruments. Suitable Clients must have a humanitarian project in which they are already committed, or the Group can help the Client to set up a joint venture with an existing humanitarian project.

Although the Group does not limit its focus to any specific sector, its Team has considerable experience and expertise in banking, securities, development and real estate operations, aerospace, energy cogeneration, defence technology, information technology, healthcare, entertainment, mining, food, transportation, production and distribution.

The Group’s corporate financial and business advisory services include the provision of strategic financial guidance and practical assistance in the following areas:

[1] Strategic and financial corporate consultancy and market positioning services

[2] Financial management

[3] Commercial bank financing

[4] Debt and equity securities (including convertible debt) private placements

[5] PIPE (private investments in public equity) placements

[6] Reverse mergers or alternative public offerings

[7] Leverage/Management Acquisitions

[8] Corporate recapitalizations

[9] Asset-based financing instruments

[10] Mergers and acquisitions (buy-side financing)

[11] Mergers and acquisitions (sell-side consultancy)

[12] Mergers and acquisitions (brokerage)

[13] Project Financing (for profit and humanitarian purposes)

[14] Fairness opinions, ratingsP