The Pintus Group LLC

Financial and strategic Business Consulting Services

The Group’s financial and corporate consultancy services are tailored to the specific needs of the Client and the services may include:
   [1]Financial analysis to help management identify and validate assumptions and test the impact on profitability.

   [2]Evaluation reports based on comparative due diligence reports and interviews with key Executives and Staff.

   [3]Attending board meetings to provide an independent perspective.

   [4]Advice for companies facing difficulties and assessing strategic alternatives to deal with such situations.

The Group also acts as financial management consultant to assist its Clients in appraising and securing financing options, including traditional banking or private services, merger and acquisition services, and other scenarios, including:

[1]Developing and implementing acquisition strategies after acquiring a full understanding of the Client’s objectives.

     [2]Selling private and public companies to potential strategic and financial buyers.

[3]Corporate divestment programs for the sale of assets or subsidiaries no longer appropriate for a central focus or a long-term strategy.

[4]Private transactions, especially to assist smaller public companies that may not realize the benefits of public company status.

[5]Taking advantage of acquisition opportunities where the company's cash flow might support this scenario.

[6]Creating joint ventures or strategic alliances for branding or marketing products as an alternative to reorganization, taking on unnecessary debt, asset disposals, relinquishing corporate control, or direct mergers or acquisitions.