The Pintus Group LLC

Boutique Structure

The boutique structure of the Firm allows its professionals to provide a close and personal commitment to its client’s success. The Firm's principals and senior seasoned professionals have extensive experience in various aspects of project financing, investment banking, financial analysis, and corporate finance.

The Pintus Group’s hands-on approach enables its client to continue to run its business and meet its projections, which is a critical factor in successfully institutional and other financing sources. The Firm specializes in transactional situations that traditionally under served and not given significant attention investment banking firms.

The Firm’s commitment to its clients will always be based upon the following key principles:

  1. Avoidance of conflicts of interest by ensuring unbiased advice.
A detailed understanding of each client's business and objectives.
Provision of focused value-added services.
  4. Giving senior level attention to each client.

  5. Delivering high level of professionalism to each assignment.
  6. Fostering long term client relationships.


The firm's principals and senior staff have over the years forged numerous relationships, nationally and internationally that can provide clients with a valuable and network for corporate and/or project financing, mergers or acquisitions, or the sale or acquisition of assets all of which when professionally applied, can be a key the enhancement of a company’s success and in advancing its corporate and/or shareholder objectives.