The Pintus Group LLC

Structure Of The Group

The Group’s structure allows its professionals to work personally and closely with Clients to ensure success, handling every aspect of project financing, investment banking, financial analysis and corporate finance. With this practical approach The Pintus Group’s Clients can continue managing their business and successfully achieve their future plans, as a crucial means of successfully attracting institutional support and finance.

The Group specializes in transactions that are traditionally fairly rare and largely ignored even by large Investment Banks.

The commitment towards our Clients is always driven by the following key principles:

[1] Preventing conflicts of interest by providing guaranteed impartial advice.

[2] Acquiring a detailed understanding of each Client’s business and objectives.

[3] Providing value-added targeted services.

[4] Devoting close attention to each individual Client.

[5] Ensuring the highest degree of professionalism in performing each assignment.

[6] Promoting long-term business relations.