The Pintus Group LLC

Corporate and Project Financing

There are several key phases in assisting clients with their commercial bank financing or private capital needs. Under certain circumstances financing may be offer client by an affiliate of the Firm under terms more or no less favourable than any bona fide offering of financing that the client has been able to secure on its own, being always on terms acceptable to the client.


As an independent party, The Pintus Group provides a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s situation, analysis of needs and the formulation of a financing strategic plan:

  1. Analysis of capital structure alternatives.
  2. Analysis of the client’s borrowing capacity.
  3. Development of a financing strategy and plan.

Preparation and Marketing

The Firm works with clients to identify appropriate financing sources and present borrowing requirements to debt sources in the most appropriate and professional manner. In addition to providing direct financing to its client, in certain circumstances the size of the financing may require outside participation. The Firm has access to a big range of financing sources and maintains a proprietary database of funding sources, and its professional staff guides the client through the process. Services that are included but not limited to:

  1. Creation of a professional informational memorandum and business plan focused on the specific needs to be addressed by the potential financing.
  2. Identification of potential financing sources.
  3. Informational exchanges with potential sources.
  4. Solicitation of letters of intent/ term sheets.